Selling Your Home

Fresh Ideas and an Effective Marketing

There are many steps involved in successfully selling your home. The process includes everything from pricing and staging, to effectively marketing, promoting, and completing the sale. Not to mention all the steps in between! It takes experience, market knowledge, and negotiation skills to sell your home at the right price and as quickly as possible.

Your home is worth what a qualified buyer is willing to pay for it. I will help you arrive at a price by providing you with complete market statistics, absorption rates, and the price that I think it will sell for. But rest assured, at the end of the day, that final price is your decision.

I use a “Market Approach” to arrive at value. It is based on the premise that a prudent buyer will pay no more for a property than it would cost to purchase a comparable one. I analyze the sold data for similar homes, current homes on the market similar to yours, and unsold homes. I make adjustments for features of your home (or lack thereof) to arrive at an accurate value. The data is then presented to you in a concise spreadsheet outlining all variables taken into account.

Technology has revolutionized how one can effectively market a property. As a tech savvy Realtor, I use a combination of technology and traditional sales methods as an integral part of my marketing plan. If you are open to hearing fresh ideas for an effective marketing plan, let me show you my approach for selling your home.