7 Ways to Maximize Your Property Showings

Are you tired of showing your rentals and not getting a bite? Even in a busy market with low vacancy rates, renters are often picky about where they are living and who they are giving their money to.

Here are 7 simple projects to help your rental properties show well:

Buying a house

Start Outside
To make a strong first impression, start outside. Make sure the yard or grounds have been cleaned up and the area is free of trash. Check the exterior for necessary paint touchups, loose gutters or missing house numbers. This should be part of your routine maintenance on the property help prevent costly repairs.

Smell is one of the first things tenants will notice when they enter a property. Keep the unit smelling fresh, but not like air freshener. Try a neutral plugin air freshener, a spray sprayed a few hours before a showing or even just opening windows for a few hours. For tougher scents, such as smoke and pet odors, you will need to thoroughly clean and possibly repaint the whole unit.

Clean Carpets
If your unit has carpet, it must be clean. Hire a carpet cleaner for best results. This added expense can save you costly vacancy time and is worth the investment. Having carpet regularly cleaned also prevents stains from building up through multiple tenants and can lengthen the life of the carpet.

Replace Light Bulbs
Light is an important factor in showing a property. Renters want homes to be bright and welcoming, so take a quick walk around the inside of the property to ensure all the lights have functioning light bulbs. It is also worth checking to make sure all of the light bulbs are the right tone. Mixing whiter bulbs with more yellow bulbs can have a cheapening effect on the look of the room.

Clean Appliances
The kitchen is the heart of the home and renters will take it seriously. Ensure all the appliances are cleaned and glistening to impress potential tenants. This includes the inside of the fridge, oven and dishwasher. Keep the sink as spotless as possible and the countertops free from stains.

Fresh Paint
Walking into a unit smelling of fresh paint can be a huge plus for potential tenants. While you don’t want the property to smell bad, paint is an exception. Tenants appreciate a fresh coat of paint, knowing it means there won’t be any damaged walls or stains. If a complete paint job is too much, consider doing simple touch ups to make sure the walls and ceilings are free from stains without the high cost of a full repaint.

Stack Your Showings
Once the rental unit is in tip-top shape, it’s time to show. Instead of showing the unit multiple times throughout the day, schedule all of the showings in one block. If a potential tenant sees others touring the unit it creates the impression of demand and no one wants to be the one who misses out.

These simple tips will help lessen your vacancy time. If this feels out of your league, get in touch today to learn more about our property management.

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