Digital Vendor Reviews and the Importance of Relationships

A recent article in The Denver Post exposed poor business practices regarding the ranking and promotional system at Angie’s List. With Angie’s List being known as a trusted source for quality vendors, this news leaves many landlords scrambling for where to go now.

The article explains how the ranking of “top-rated pro” was only given to companies who paid Angie’s List, making this ranking system untrustworthy and not user-generated. This change came after Angie’s List was acquired by HomeAdvisor and was changed from a subscription model to an advertising model. A representative of Angie’s List assured the press that all vendors go through a verification system. Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to be true as brand new listings or listings with few ratings are listed with an A grade.

The reporter recommends only working with companies that have more than 25 reviews on Angie’s List, but we would like to offer a better idea.

If you are a landlord, it’s imperative that you have quality, reliable vendors that you can call at any time. You need people you can trust to get the job done quickly, and done correctly the first time. This is a major benefit to working with an established property management company.

Property managers have been in the industry, and as the managers for multiple properties, they have a deep list of quality vendors to turn to when needed. Better yet, a property manager can oversee the project completion for you, leaving you to rest easy.

Ongoing relationships speak volumes. Vendors trust repeat customers which creates a mutually beneficial agreement. Instead of trying to go it your own and trusting Angie’s List, work with a property manager to know you work with the best.

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