Property Manager Tips: When Do I Need to Replace Appliances in Rental Units?

Property Manager Tips: When Do I Need to Replace Appliances in Rental Units?

Unexpectedly having to replace appliances in multiple units can be a huge blow to your cash flow as a property manager. It’s important to keep appliances well maintained to get the most life out of them. During a move-in walk through it is important to explain basic maintenance to your tenants. We also suggest having a handyman stop in at least once a year to inspect and maintain appliances to get the most life out of them

Planning ahead is the best way to avoid tight cash situations. Below is a basic outline of when appliances will need to be replaced.

Want to make it even easier? We’ve created a Property Manager’s Appliance Cheat Sheet in Google Sheets to track appliances. Get it for free here >

modern and comfortable kitchen


  • Refrigerator 12 years
  • Electric Range 14 years
  • Gas Range 16 years
  • Microwave 10 years
  • Dishwasher 10 years
  • Smoke Alarms 10 years
  • Garbage Disposal 10 years
  • Range Hoods 14 years

Laundry Room

  • Washing Machine 10 years
  • Dryers 13 years


  • Exhaust Fan 10 years
  • Toilet 50 years
  • Fiberglass Bathtub/Shower 12 years


  • Water Heater 11 years
  • Furnace 20 years
  • Room Air Conditioner 10 years
  • Central Air Conditioner 15 years
  • Boilers 25 years

Keep good records of when appliances have been replaced. If an appliance is nearing it’s expiration date, consider replacing it in between tenants. Not only will you prevent an “emergency” situation, you will also make the unit nicer and can increase the rent. Don’t forget to request access to our free Property Manager’s Appliance Cheat Sheet.

If you would rather leave the property management to someone else, get in touch today.

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