Quick Tips to Fill Properties With Fewer Showings

Are you tired of showing your rentals and not getting a bite? Even in a busy market with low vacancy rates, renters are often picky about where they are living and who they are giving their money to.

Here are 5 maintenance tips to help your units make a strong first impression:

Improve Curb Appeal
Make a strong first impression by making sure the outside looks nice. Keep the yard or grounds clean and tidy and free of trash. Walk around the exterior to look for paint touchups, loose gutters or missing house or apartment numbers. Make this a monthly habit to avoid a preshowing rush. 

Real estate agent showing young couple a new house

Keep it Fresh
A bad smell doesn’t make a good impression and is one of the first things a tenant will notice when they walk inside. You want your property to smell fresh but not like a glade plugin. Use a neutral air freshener to remove odors from the space quickly. If you have more time keep the windows open as weather permits to flush out odors. For smoke and pet odors, the unit will need to be thoroughly cleaned and possibly painted. 

Fresh Paint
The smell is important, and sometimes it works to your favor for that smell to be paint. Tenants always appreciate knowing that the unit has a fresh coat of paint. If a complete paint job is too much, consider doing simple touch-ups to make sure the walls and ceilings are free from stains without the high cost of a full repaint.

Shiny Appliances
People love kitchens, even people who don’t cook and tenants will take this space seriously. You don’t need brand new apartments to make the kitchen look like a place you want to cook in. Simply ensure all the appliances are cleaned and as shiny as they can be. This includes the inside of the fridge, oven and dishwasher. A spotless sink and stain free countertops will also be big sellers. 

Stack Your Showings
Now that your unit is in tip-top shape it’s time to schedule showings. Do your best to schedule showings back to back to save you time commuting to and from the property and to make the unit seem more appealing. If a potential renter sees others touring the unit, it creates a sense of urgency to make a decision and not miss out on a great space. 

These simple tips may help lessen your vacancy time. If this feels out of your league and you’re in Denver, Boulder or Broomfield, get in touch today to learn more about our property management.

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