Take Advantage of a Hot Market: 7 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

The Denver market is still smokin’ hot and will continue to gain steam as summer approaches. A hot market will help your house fly off the market, but there are still several important steps you need to take as a seller to help buyers see the best of your house.

Here are my 7 tips to sell your home fast:Signing closing real estate seller homeowner

Enhance Curb Appeal
Studies have shown that buyers make a decision to buy or not buy a home in 8 seconds, so you want the front of your home to look it’s best. Take good care of your lawn and landscaping in the months or weeks before you put your home on the market. Replace your mailbox or plant a few flowers to bring out the best of your home. Also spend some time on the entryway, making sure that clutter has been removed and drapes are open to let in natural light.

Make it Neutral
Buyers are looking for a home they can plug their lives into, not a home you’ve lived in. Remove family photos and religious icons. To make the space look bigger, pack up your knick knacks and clear away clutter. This step isn’t any fun, but remember you’re not getting rid of these items forever, simply packing them away. Making your home more neutral will also give you a head start on packing! So really, it’s a win-win.

Price It Right
This is where having a real estate agent on board will be helpful. An agent, like me, has access to local comps and will help you settle on the right price for your area. Price your home too high and it’ll be hard to get a committed buyer, too low and you’ll be missing out on extra funds. Some sellers like to use lucky numbers in their price. Even if you skip the lucky numbers, avoid traditionally unlucky numbers such as 666, 13, or 4s (a traditionally unlucky Chinese number) in the listing price.

Gain Early Interest
Talk with your real estate agent about getting a coming soon sign up in your yard. As buyers are driving around looking for homes, this will get them excited to see the inside of yours. With a coming soon sign, especially in such a hot market, you’ll have buyers chomping at the bit to see your home when it hits the market. This strategy can lead to lots of offers in the first day or two.

Use a Professional Photographer
Professional photographers have a knack for making a space look bigger than it is. Having professional photos of your listing will make it shine and build buyer interest before they even walk in the door. Talk to your real estate agent. They likely have a photographer they work with regularly. Be sure your home is clutter free and clean before the photographer comes.

Use Neighborhood Resources
Does your neighborhood have a newsletter or a message board? Maybe even a Facebook page? Use resources your neighborhood provides to get the word out about your listing. Your neighbors may have friends looking to buy that they would love to have living nearby.

Put a Cherry On Top
Consider including your new kitchen appliances or washer and dryer, maybe even a mounted TV. Buyers will see these extras incentive and will be more likely to put in an offer. Remember, you want to make your house sell for top dollar. What’s more important, keeping your stuff or selling your home quickly?

These tips will get your home looking great and buyers looking on with longing. Get your house on the market now and take advantage of the low inventory! If you are looking for an agent who knows the Denver area, give me a call at 720-515-1639. I would love to sit down with you and hear about your real estate needs.

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