What You Need to Know About Your Neighbors Before You Sell

In the current Denver area market, it doesn’t take much to sell your home. Inventory is still low and homes are being snatched up. However, if you’re looking to get top dollar for your home there are a few important things to keep in mind, starting with your neighbors.

Here are 5 things to know about your neighbors (and neighborhood) before selling:

Recent Remodels
Before you put your house on the market you want to know what you’re up against in your neighborhood. Take the time to go to open houses, especially if the house is similar to yours, to see what updates they’ve done and what they are selling it for. Pricing your home correctly is the ticket to getting it sold quickly. Your Realtor® will help you with this as well, but seeing the comparable homes for yourself is very valuable.

Recent Sales
You won’t be able to sneak into to every home in the neighborhood, but your Realtor®  can help you examine recent sales in the neighborhood and see how your home stacks up. Analyzing recent sales will help you understand the value of a 5th bedroom or stainless steel appliances. Do your due diligence, it will be worth it in the end.

Similar Inventory
Investigate how many homes in the area similar to yours are for sale. The lower the inventory, the better your chances of selling quickly. Have your agent take a peek at how many homes with similar square footage, bedrooms and other features are for sale in the area. If you’re one a few you may have some leeway on price to increase your net.

Curb Appeal
This one is easy and just requires a walk around the neighborhood. Take a stroll to see how your curb appeal stacks up to those around you and make improvements where necessary. Buyers make decisions on a house very quickly. You want to impress them before they even make it inside. If the season is right, plant some bright flowers and keep the lawn well maintained. In the winter you can still keep your curb appeal up by keeping the snow shoveled neatly and the ice kept at bay (no one wants to buy a house with ice). Take a look at our outdoor projects blog for other ideas.

Upcoming Development
This one take a bit more digging, and your Realtor® may be more privy to the information than you are, but dig into upcoming development in the area. From new neighborhoods to new shopping areas, you want to know what’s coming. If you’re planning on selling your home in 6 months and a new build community starts selling soon, you’ll have more competition than you planned. Alternatively, a new shopping area being built in the area may be a huge selling point for your house. Being informed is an important part of your success as a home seller.

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