3 Reasons You Want to Work With a Realtor ® to Sell Your House

There’s a common myth floating around that you can save money by listing your home with a real estate agent. While this may feel true on paper, research shows that for sale by owner listings sell for 5.5 percent less than those that use a real estate agent.

Here are 3 reasons why working with a real estate agent will help you net more:

Market Knowledge
Realtors® follow market trends as part of their job, not just a hobby. By working with an agent to list your house, you’re accessing information that just isn’t available on the internet. Each market is a little bit different at any given time. For instance, the Denver area market has been a sellers market for years now, but an increase in inventory may shift the scale a bit.

It’s important to understand the intricate details of your area, and only a Realtor® has the time to keep up with it all. This knowledge helps you price your home correctly so you can get under contract quickly and get to the closing table.

Selling a home is very time consuming and doing it on your own means committing to a second job while your home is on the market. Working with an agent takes the responsibility of creating documents, reviewing offers and sticking to deadlines off your shoulders. Your agent is dedicated to the sale of your house and will cover these details for you, leaving you with time to focus on getting your home ready for the market.

By selling your home on your own, you risk losing buyers because you’ve weren’t able to respond to an offer in a timely manner or you missed a deadline.

Negotiation Skills
One of the underrated aspects of working with a Realtor® is the negotiating power you gain. Realtors® spend their days negotiating contracts and understand the proper tactics to use and know where to draw the line. As a home seller, buyers are able to request inspection items be fixed before closing on the house. This is where negotiation skills are necessary. Not all inspection items need to be addressed immediately, and you need an expert on your side to work with the buyers to come to an agreement.

When you try to sell on your own you are forced to navigate this tricky waters without guidance and could risk losing buyers.

A Realtor® is one of the most powerful tools you have as a home seller. Schedule an appointment today to get your home listed.  

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