5 Tips for Staging Your Kitchen to Help Sell Your Home

As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Make your kitchen stand out by giving it some attention before you list. A clean and organized kitchen can wow almost any buyer and all you need is a little elbow grease.

Here are our 5 tips to stage your kitchen before you list:

Clean – And Again
Kitchens get messy on a daily basis. They are the heart of the home and people are constantly going in and out. When it comes to putting your home on the market you want your kitchen to be super clean. This can be challenging but remember that buyers are going to touching all the surfaces and getting a feel for the kitchen, so you don’t want anything left behind. So give your kitchen a good clean, more than you think is necessary.

Organize Your Cupboards
We’ve talked about the need for decluttering the rest of your home and the same is true for the kitchen. Go through your cupboards and leave only the necessities behind. You want them to look organized and big when buyers are poking around. This means nicely stacked plates (leave behind only what matches), an organized silverware drawer and nicely lined up cups.

Clear Off Your Counters
Cluttered counters make kitchens look busy and messy. When you’re getting your home ready to sell, take down more than half of what you normally keep on your counters to make your kitchen look big and open. Clear off piles of mail, countertop appliances and any other clutter laying around.

Add Intentional Accessories
To make your kitchen feel cozy, bring in some intentional seasonal accessories, such as candles and flowers. If it gets cold where you live, like it does here in the Denver area, candles will help your kitchen feel warm. You can always bake up something delicious so your kitchen smell nice for a showing, just make sure to clean up after yourself.

Create an Eating Area
If you have space, create a small eating area in your kitchen by bringing in a small table. If you have a small kitchen skip this step so you don’t take away valuable space. Creating an eating area helps buyers envision their lives in your home. Lots of people like to eat breakfast in the kitchen to save time. All you need is a small table, some chairs and a little bit of staging to make your kitchen look like a cozy eating area.

If you need more help getting your Denver area home on the market, we’re listing experts ready to help sell your home. Give us a call today to schedule a listing appointment. We’ll give you all the tips and data you need to get your home looking sleek and listed at the right price.

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