Beat the Competition with These Summer Staging Tips

Warmer weather and the freedom of summer has people feeling ready to move. Summer is one of the most popular times for real estate sales and gives you a good chance of selling fast. But, the Denver area market is shifting and sellers are having to compete for buyers more than in years past. Make your house stand out this summer with a few simple summertime staging tips.

Here are 5 tips for staging your house this summer:

Highlight the Backyard
People associate summer with warm nights in the backyard spending time with family and friends. When you put your home on the market you want to create a dream world for potential buyers. If you have a backyard, set it up to allow buyers to envision nights out under the stars. Consider setting up some lawn games in the yard, clean up your patio furniture and keep the grass cut back. Set your outdoor table so it looks ready for a meal or a party.

Keep it Cool
Summer weather can leave you sweating and buyers don’t want their house to be as hot as it is outside. As you start to schedule showings it’s important to use any tools to keep the house cool. Run air conditioning before showings if you have it. If you have a whole house fan, open all the windows at night and run it while you sleep to cool the house down, keep the cool air in by keeping curtains closed until just before showings.

Slim Down
This rule goes for whenever you decide to list your house. Clutter isn’t cute, and clutter definitely doesn’t feel very summery. The goal for summer is light and airy, not heavy and crowded. Since you’ll be moving soon anyway start packing up your things, removing knick knacks from bookshelves, cleaning off the mantle and keep tabletops free of clutter. An empty house can feel less overwhelming to buyers and allow them to envision their life in the space.

Keep it Light
Make your home feel bright and fresh by keeping it well lit. With the long summer days, this is pretty easy to do. Hang some sheer curtains to allow more light in and to show off any bright, natural light your home gets. If you don’t have great natural light, switch out your light bulbs for bright, white light and turn the lights on before a showing.

Highlight Entertaining Spaces
Entertaining is a hot topic in real estate and buyers want to see the potential for having people over, indoors and outdoors. Stage a coffee station, drink station and even your stove to show the potential in the kitchen. Set the dining room table for dinner and maybe add a few fresh flowers.

Have fun with it! Summer is a time of long, bright days and fun, so show off how fun your house can be. If you’re ready to get your house listed, contact us today to schedule a listing appointment!

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