Before You Sell Consider These Questions

The Denver/Boulder real estate market is still a hot one. Days on the market have increased but homes are still turning over quickly and prices continue to rise. Many homeowners wonder if now is the right time to sell and cash out on their investment. 

Before you decide to sell, ask yourself these 5 questions: 

Is it a want or a need?
Maybe your youngest kid just moved out and your house is starting to feel big. Maybe you’re getting married and feel like you’re outgrowing your small condo. There are a lot of reasons that now may be the time to sell. However, if you’re just looking for a bit more space, a shorter commute or a better view, you don’t need to sell and now may not be the time. 

Do I know where I’m going?
Before you get serious about selling your home you need to price out where you want to land. In many areas, houses are still turning over fast and causing prices to continue to increase. Schedule a listing consultation today to talk through all your wants and needs. We can suggest areas that meet your needs and your budget as well as advise on the best listing strategy for your home. 

What’s the bottom line?
After our initial listing appointment, it’s important to talk with a lender to go over all the numbers. This will help you understand the overall bottom line and what your budget is for your next house. Knowing your ‘real net’ before you list sets you up for realistic expectations and will allow you to make educated decisions as offers come in. 

Is my house ready to sell?
Thanks to HGTV buyers are picky and know what they want. Before you list, take an honest look around your house and see what may catch a buyers eye as a negative. You may have unfinished trim, squeak floors or outdated counters. While these are just daily life to you, a buyer may say no because of small details. Make small changes now and discuss larger changes with your real estate agent. 

Could I keep my property as a rental?
Sometimes selling isn’t the right move and you can buy a new house and keep the old one as an investment. Rental prices are also on the rise in the area and this could be a great opportunity to enter the real estate investment market. We also work as property managers and can advise on the decision to rent your current home instead of selling. 

No matter what the real estate market is doing, the decision to sell or not to sell isn’t an easy one. Take the time to answer the questions above and schedule a listing consultation with us today! 

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