Design trends to avoid when renovating your rental property

We get it, making renovations to a rental property can seem overwhelming, like it’s too much work, and maybe not even worth it, but it is! Every few years or so, it’s important to give your rental property a little love and attention to make sure it remains attractive to potential renters. Plus, renovations can add value to your property and even protect you from needing to make massive changes in the future. So, what renovation trends should you avoid? Let’s find out.

Kitchen Trends to avoid

Kitchens are probably the biggest recipients of unnecessary updates, which means a lot of money gets spent on design trends that don’t last long enough for it to be worthwhile. 

  • Granite countertops are popular, especially because so many home design shows use them in all their episodes. But like most items that hit an all-time high of popularity, granite countertops will soon become last week’s flavor of excitement, like cotton-candy pink appliances in the 1960s. To avoid having your countertops prematurely dating your property, consider using marble, quartz, or treated laminate; they are equally durable and far more affordable.
  • Hanging pots and pans were pretty common a few years back, as it was thought to make a home look welcoming and cozy, though nowadays that trend is seen as cluttered and messy. Opt for a simpler solution that keeps the home looking neat, like oversized drawers that can store a variety of pots and pans in one spot.
  • Distressed cabinets were popular, and we can’t even understand to this day why that ever was! Just like those distressed jeans your teen once obsessed over, they quickly became outdated, and yes, made homes look older than they were. Instead, choose a neutral color – not too light as it will look dirty fast, and not too dark as it will make the room seem small – it’ll be easy to maintain and will last you for years to come. (This applies to bathroom cabinets too, by the way).

Bathroom trends to avoid

Oftentimes, people tend to go with the hottest new trend when renovating their bathrooms, not thinking about the risk that it may not be a long-term solution. For example, white-on-white bathrooms – they look great in pictures, but how long do you think that clean look will last? Exactly, not long at all. Stay away from going all white and minimalist, and instead use neutral pastels and natural elements. The bathroom will look just as nice, and last much longer. 

Finishing trends to avoid

Sometimes, finishing touches end up ruining the look of a home, and it’s completely avoidable.

  • Faux finishes for painted walls do not work, and they don’t last either. What one day seemed “chic” is now seen as tacky and expensive to fix, and it can be a total turn-off. When painting or redecorating walls, stay away from faux finishes like marble or wood and instead go with bright ivory, pale yellow, or a simple blue. They’ll last and be far more attractive.
  • Not having window treatments may make the property look clean and modern, but it also screams a lack of privacy. It’s too minimal, and people need to feel safe inside their homes. Blinds, shutters, curtains all serve a purpose, and there are a variety of options that you can install easily and for a low price. 

As always, making property management decisions can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! If you feel the need for some guidance in the realm of property management, then you’ve come to the right place. Working with a property management company like Metro REIG, means you can leave rental property updates and improvements to us. Reach out, and let’s see how we can work together. We specialize in property management and can help you navigate the sometimes complicated world of rental properties.

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