Does Your Home Need an HERS Rating

The Home Energy Rating System is the standard by which a home’s efficiency is measured and is the same nationwide. This can be good for a homeowner to obtain for many reasons, the first of which showing where modifications can be made to improve efficiency and lower energy bills in a home. But when you’re selling your home, is there any value in getting an HERS rating? Yes, and here’s why.

Here are 3 reasons a HERS rating can be beneficial when selling your home:

Reduce Energy Bills
You are likely familiar with the miles per gallon your car gets on gas. If your car gets low MPGs you either resign to spending more on gas or you can seek out a way to improve your mileage. A HERS rating gives you the same insight to your home. Which it may seem counterintuitive to work to reduce your energy bills before you sell your home, it’s not. Buyers agents can call utility companies to obtain an average monthly cost. If you can decrease your energy costs now, your home may be more appealing to a buyer.

Calculate Cost of Homeownership
The primary concern for buyers is the cost of their mortgage and homeowners insurance. However, more savvy buyers will look at the big picture cost of homeownership, and utility bills are high on that list. You can set yourself apart from other sellers by providing a HERS rating for your home. This will give potential buyers insight into what they will spend monthly. This is no way a requirement, however. Our professional agents will advise on the benefit of providing this to buyers.

Increase Home Value
It’s been shown that energy efficient homes, or home with low HERS ratings, have higher resale values and sell more quickly than homes with high HERS ratings. This is likely to be true in an environmentally focused area such as Boulder. Since this is not the standard in real estate, working to decrease your HERS rating can help your home stand out and attract buyer attention. The first step to making your home more energy efficient is discovering your HERS rating. From there you will have the information you need to improve energy efficiency and lower your HERS rating before you sell. This resource will help you understand more about what impacts your home value. 

While it’s not required, a HERS rating can be beneficial when selling your home. Contact us today to learn other ways to increase your home value.

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