How to Use Your Garage as a Selling Point

More often than not our garages end up being used as storage. And since it’s not intentional stuff ends up being unorganized and all over the place. Many buyers dream of having a place to park and store their stuff. So how can you give them what they want?

Here are a few tips to market your garage as a feature of your home:

Unorganized spaces are an eyesore, even in the garage. Remember buyers are looking for open space where they can live and they don’t want to see a mess. Start by organizing your garage. Install shelves where they are needed (and included them in the home purchase). Pack or get rid of non-essentials so the space looks bigger and more open.


Along with the rest of your house, your garage should be spotless. Mop the floors, wipe down the garage door and dust your shelves. Buyers may not spend a lot of time investigating the garage but you want it to look nice, from the inside and out. Apply a new coat of paint anywhere that may need it.

Many people use the garage as a workshop and end up spending a lot of time there. Even if it’s just a storage area or a place to park cars, it’s nice to have an insulated garage to keep your valuables safe from extreme weather changes. An insulated garage can be a major selling point. Hire a handyman or do it yourself in a weekend.

Add Outlets
Going with the workshop theme, outlets are a nice feature in a garage. This is more of a major project and requires a licensed electrician. However, depending on the space you have available in the garage this can be an investment with a good return. Ask your Realtor whether or not they think this project would be valuable.

Upgrade Flooring
Many garages have cracked and stained concrete floors. Giving them a deep clean to remove oil stains and filling in cracks can go a long way. If you have a great work area in the garage, consider installing epoxy or other outdoor type flooring to make the space feel finished.

The garage can be a major selling point if it’s done correctly. Don’t be just like every other house and give your garage a few updates to make it shine.

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