Stand Out from the Pack: Tips for Staging Your Home

Inventory in the Denver area is on the rise which means more competition for sellers. You want your home to stand out to buyers as the best, so what do you need to do? You could hire a home stager to really wow buyers, but if you’re looking to maintain a high bottom line then there’s a lot you can do on your own.

Here’s where to focus your time when it comes to staging:

Scrub the bathroom
Bathrooms are a sneaky place that can make or break a buyer’s decision about your home. They are looking for sleek and clean spaces when it comes to a bathroom. If this doesn’t fit the bill for your bathroom, then make sure it’s absolutely spotless. Give it some good elbow grease to make even the most outdated space feel clean and inviting. Once clean, stage the bathroom with nice towels, soft mats and a new, clean shower curtain. Replacing the lightbulbs with white light can really help the room stand out.

Rethink window coverings
Blinds are highly functional window coverings but they don’t bring much of a pop to the space. When staging your home get some new window, simple window coverings. You don’t want anything too heavy or bold in color. Instead consider hanging thin, neutral curtains, like nice gray cotton or sheer. This will help highlight and frame the window and still let light in.

Stage built-in shelving
If you have built-in shelving or storage systems you want to highlight them for your buyers. By nicely staging these areas you can draw attention to the storage without overwhelming buyers. Avoid creating overcrowded spaces that would appear cluttered and opt for nicely organized and minimal shelves that allow buyers to think of their own ideas for when your house becomes theirs.

Make it light and bright
Bright light can make any space feel bigger. Walk through your house and find any rooms that have dull or yellow light. Replace these light bulbs with bright, white LEDs, especially in common areas, to give it a nice clean feel. Before your first scheduled showing, leave the lights on and curtains pulled back so that the home feels bright the minute the buyers walk in.

Give it a deep clean
And by deep clean, we mean deep clean. Buyers are likely to touch almost all of your surfaces so you don’t want to have any grime anywhere. Hit all your counters, tiled walls, glass doors and windows a good scrub before every showing so that buyers have nothing to knit pick.

These simple tips are easy and low cost and will really help your home stand out from the pack. If you need more staging advice and are in the Denver/Boulder area, schedule a listing appointment today to get in touch.

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